All Wheels
All Ages
All Abilities

Pump Tracks for Every Space and Every Budget

Keep Rolling

A Unique and Modern Approach to Activating Open Spaces

Pump Tracks:
Inclusive social and physical play for groups and individuals
Multi generational
Training Grounds for all wheeled sports
Spectator Sport Venues
Add beauty, contour, color and movement to wide open, static spaces
 A unique, memorable, and meaningful play experience for a wide audience

Flat Ground Never Looked So Inviting

Energize parks, plazas and flat spaces
Expand and enhance bike and skatepark venues
Add a playful element to pedestrian areas and along bike paths
Perfect for  unoccupied indoor retail and warehouse spaces

Parkitect Pump Tracks are simple, affordable, and practical from start to finish

Rolling Together in the Same Direction

Parkitect pump tracks bring all riders to the edge of their ability.
The tracks are friendly and inviting for new riders; challenging and exciting for advanced riders.

Riders willl find their flow building confidence and improving skills with every lap around the track.

Riding the wave is a full body workout that develops core strength, balance, stamina and motor coordination.

What is a Pump Track anyway?

A pump track is a circuit of bumps, dips and turns. Instead of pedaling, riders propel themselves forward by leaning into the downslopes to gain momentum.  

Early pump tracks were made from dirt and accessible to only experienced BMX and mountain bikers.

Since Parkitect pump tracks are modular, and can be installed anywhere, riders of all ages, and all abilities can ride the wave.

Bikes, scooters, skates, skateboards,
wheelchairs, come one, come all.

C'mon ride the wave!

Get on the right track

Design your track for a specific group of riders or for the widest range of riders

Roll them out in tight spaces or sprawling landscapes

Place them in permanent or semi-permanent locations

The choice is yours:

Materials from three design platforms

A wide range of tried and true, standard track configurations or custom designs

Each prefabricated module is  engineered to be combined and configured to take any shape, for any open space

No design or consultation fees, the process is fast and fun

Upgrades include color variations  and custom graphics

“We are thrill seekers and thrill providers with a love of sport, adventure and inclusive design. Our modular pump tracks give us the opportunity to build healthy communities and encourage physical fitness on wheels.”

Erik Burgon, Founder

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