Classic Edition

The O.G.
Wood Composite and Fiberglass
Strong | Light Weight | Versatile
Designed for easy installation on top of any flat surface

Over The Top

The Classic Edition is designed for versatility

It can be easily installed and dismantled again and again

Designed to lay over and around the existing landscape and infrastructure

No footings, ground attachments, or moving parts

Suitable for permanent or semi-permanent locations

Relocate from place to place

Perfect for seasonal events indoors or out

You can move it, stack it, and store it

Modern and Unique

Compact and self contained
Practical, flexible, and affordable
Easy to install, maintain, and repair
Graffiti and tamper resistant
Track surface repairs are simple and non-specialized Easily reconfigure, expand, or replace modules

Classic Edition Upgrades and Options

Improve strength at high impact areas with the new T3 Steel Frame Turn Module

The low bump option, for slower riders, increases safety and allows greater clearance for longer deck boards and scooters.

Custom colors and graphics also available

Design and

Marine Grade Plywood

Modules are built from marine grade plywood, with birch face "phenolic overlay.” for moisture and graffiti resistance. With interior framework made from EU approved, treated timbers.

Steel to Steel Interface

Track sections connect with steel to steel structural components, rather than relying on wood fasteners and glues. This ensures a tight and stable ‘face to face’ connection for long term durability, safety, and performance.

Riding Surface

The Riding Surface is made from proprietary high grip, reinforced fiberglass (woven GFRP ) attached from the sides and underneath to avoid protrusions and sharp edges.

Hidden Hardware

All assembly hardware is stainless steel or zinc anodized, hidden behind smooth side walls and rounded, edges for safety and tamper resistance.

Stainless Steel Ramp Plate

Heavy ground transition plate for smooth entry and exit.

Rubber Feet

Every module sits on molded rubber pads, holding the track just above the ground, reducing noise, vibration, and allowing the wood frame to breath.

No Embedded Footings or attachments.

The Classic Edition tracks are designed to to sit on top existing landscape.

Made With Pride and Precision

Strict quality control measures with ecologically sound materials, paints, and resins.

Who We ARe

Headquartered in Speicher Switzerland, Parkitect has been designing and building modular pump tracks since 2010, with over 800 track Installations worldwide. Our team of  talented, dedicated designers and craftspeople create  high performing products for the riders and owners.

Made with pride, under rigorous environmental and quality control standards.

We are always innovating. We love riding , and we love well made toys. Our tracks add value to communities. We get people outside for exciting and meaningful play.

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