Parks Edition

Steel Frame with High Strength Fiberglass Shell
High-Grip All Weather Riding Surface
Extra Wide and Low Track
Rounded Edges Designed for Precision and Performance for All Riders

Roll The Coasters or Coast The Rollers

Simple | Fast | Dynamic | Attractive | Affordable

Designed to lay over and around existing landscape and infrastructure

No footings, ground attachments, or moving parts

Suitable for permanent and semi-permanent locations

Strong enough for permanent high traffic areas, light enough for easy shipping and installation

Adds color and contour to broad open spaces

Catch The Wave

Come one | Come ALL

A unique and modern way to ride

Parkitect Pump Tracks are exciting, elegant and endlessly rideable

Designed For Safety, Stay on Track

Wide and Low with Rounded Edges and high grip surface
Inward Facing Geometry keeps riders centered on the track and in control

Color contrasted edge detail provides a continual visual orientation point

Easy and frequent exit points. Easily set your own pace and control your momentum.

Fully Hidden Hardware and underside connections prevents protrusions and sharp edges.

Heavy stainless steel ground transition plate provides seamless entry and exit

Experience a controlled, safe thrill ride

Design and Construction

Steel Frame

Modules are built with galvanized steel tubing  

Fully preassembled with high strength fiberglass body (proprietary, woven GFRP)

High grip, all weather riding surface

Fully Hidden Hardware

Enclosed underside connections prevent protrusions and discourage tampering

No embedded footings or attachments

Rubber Feet

Every module sits on molded rubber pads, holding the track just above the ground, reducing noise, vibration, and allowing the air to circulate inside

Heavy Stainless Steel

Heavy ground transition plate provides smooth, seamless entry and exit

Made with Pride

Strict quality control measures
Ecologically sound materials, paints and resins

Custom Colors and Graphics

Broad surface areas are well suited for dedications, sponsor logos, and personal touches

Who We ARe

Headquartered in Speicher Switzerland, Parkitect has been designing and building modular pump tracks since 2010, with over 800 track Installations worldwide. Our Team of  talented, dedicated designers and craftspeople create a high performing products for riders and owners.

Made with pride, under rigorous environmental and quality control standards.

We are always innovating. We love riding and we love well made toys. Our tracks add value to communities. Pump Tracks bring people together. They get people outside for energetic and meaningful play.

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